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Hi there
Welcome to the Realm of Self. I’m glad you’re looking at upleveling your Self Mastery in this Realm. via some Sage Sessions. Of course, you can choose your own particular growth edge related to this Realm. By way of priming the pump, here are 7 Areas of Focus for the Self Realm that typically challenge people: (if possible we would have an Icon representing these statements that is MQ branded vs. mere bullet points)
  • I want to live a life and have a career that fits me instead of feeling like I have to fit
  • I want to be wanted in work/ life for who I really am instead who they need me to be
  • I want to know what is truly ‘me’ and what isn’t, what fits me and what doesn’t
  • I want to be able to stand up for myself when people try to change me
  • I want to subtract unconscious adopted patterns of behavior that undermine my success
  • I want to fully accept uniqueness and learn to leverage my uniqueness
  • ‘Other’ - Your choice, your focus, your language for this one
As the Sage of Self, I offer a package of 3 Sessions called a ‘Choose Your Adventure’ Card (CYA Card). Here’s how it works:
  • You get 3 sessions that MUST be used in 3 months. (can be used in less time if you choose)
  • You can schedule at your discretion within that time as long as our calendars fit.
  • At the end of 3 sessions (even if you use them in a shorter time than 3 months), you can:
    • Renew your card
    • Stop
    • Shift to a different Sage

It’s your choice.

You can use the time within the Session in any one of 3 ways.


You can ask me to show up in the role of:

  • Coach – pure coaching wherein you seek out your own wisdom

  • Mentor – a mix of coaching and sharing of wisdom/ perspectives/ ideas.

  • Sage – using one of the 7 Spells of Power or other Magical Art.

  • You get to choose, in each session.


Sessions last from 30-45 minutes.

The price for the package is $1,000. Per CYA Card.


**Note: By Invoking the Sage, you are entering the Dwelling of the Sage and therefore, you are assuming all responsibility for your interactions with the Sage.

It’s your choice. Choose Wisely.