Creatures and Adversaries 

These are all around us, both inside and outside. These are some of the forces aligned against us and it’s useful to have both the ability and strategy to engage effectively when one strays into your experience. The most insidious ones are those who hide inside us. There are two groups to prepare for, the ones with voices and energy inside us and the ones speaking to us from the outside. There are 47 of these that have been identified.

Here are just 3 of the ones you might run into on your Quest:

Ghost of Egosaurus – This monster moans “I do it alooone”. It knows that alone you are much more vulnerable and susceptible to failure. It’s an archaic creature that holds the belief that one can do it alone. It tries to seduce you into rejecting help or not asking for help, even when it is blatantly clear you could benefit from it. It prides itself on taking credit for everything it touches as if it was the only factor involved in the success of it. It went extinct by thinking it could do it alone and now wants you to join it.

Fairies of False Positivity – these little creatures flit about, and keep one believing and waiting for something ‘magical’ to happen “if you just believe it will." Their fairy dance keeps you from noticing that what may well be needed is decisions and actions on a practical level. For example, they would have you sitting and believing your teeth will magically stay healthy because you have healthy thoughts about them instead of brushing your teeth.

Demons of Doubt – these demons constantly question and undermine every action you take or are about to take. They will use the dark side of the What If blade to vividly present failure scenarios. They feed on your self-confidence and gobble it up with lies about you. They happily live both inside and outside you in others