Sage Session: Relationship Realm

You Have Entered the Realm of Relationship


As the Sage of Relationships, I will work with you in Decoding Freedom – and your ability to relate.

We as adventurers have a strong desire to participate in healthy relationships. We are wired for love.

Healthy Relationships are easy, the hardest part is to always want something different based on our misconceptions around the meaning of the word love.

Decoding Freedom sessions will help you find and decode your unconscious limiting beliefs, contracts, and agreements around relationships; process the habits that surround your ability to relate and reprogram and redefine new meanings and intentions.

As the Sage of Creation, I offer a package of 3 Sessions called a ‘Choose Your Adventure’ Card (CYA Card).


Here’s how it works:

  • I offer an initial prepaid 3 session package.

  • Decoding Freedom does not have a limit of sessions; however, I suggest starting with a minimum 3 session package that must be used within three months of purchase.

  • You can renew your package at the end of the third session, or you can choose to add sessions one by one.

  • After your purchase, you will be prompted to schedule your dates and times. 


$360 per 50-minute session OR

(3) 50-minute prepaid sessions $880 (18% discount)

Invoke the Sage by Pressing the Portal --->
**Note: By Invoking the Sage, you are entering the Dwelling of the Sage and therefore, you are assuming all responsibility for your interactions with the Sage.