The Quest for Self Mastery is Calling You

Are you a Seeker or a Learning Adventurer?

Enter the Self Mastery Arena

MillionQuest is:

An Experientially Gamified Self Mastery UpLevelling Arena for  Change-Seeking Adventurers Who Want To Positively  Elevate and Empower ONE MILLION SENTIENT BEINGS By Means of A Personal and/or Collective Real-World MillionQuest™.

  • A Fully Gamified Personal & Professional Self Mastery Adventure.
  • Engage with the most common personal and professional challenges one can face; presented in Metaphoric representations and  experienced in real-time events and online interactions.
  •  A 7-month Quest for Self-Mastery, guided by 7 Sages, through 7 Distinct Realms, that is specifically designed to up level all the adventurers AND prepare you for your real life MillionQuest™.
  •  NOT your "run of the mill"  personal growth  experience. It is a lively, personal evolution revolution.

Self Mastery Through The 7 Realms Of Life

True Mastery lives in an ever evolving relationship with the world around you. The 7 Realms of Self Mastery are below:

Realm of Self

This is about the unique elemental essence of you. In all its expressions. Knowing it, honoring it, expressing it and contributing to it.

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Realm of Creation

This is about what you bring into the world that encompasses invention, innovation, synthesis, and especially manifesting.

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Realm of Vitality

This is about you as an expression of life force, and how you experience life as a being of the senses (sensual).

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Realm of Participation

This is about how you bring both yourself and your creations to the world; your belonging whether in business or community.

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Realm of Relationship

This is about you being in effective in communication and connection with yourself and others; business, family and the world.

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Realm of Wealth

This is about having a healthy and prosperous relationship with the exchange of energy for value, a.k.a. money.

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Realm of Co-existence

This is about experiencing, honoring and valuing the connectedness of everything. Both tangible and intangible in the natural and manufactured world.

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What is a MillionQuest?

"MillionQuest is a personal and professional Self-Mastery Adventure that challenges you to uplevel in 7 different Realms of Life; delivered in a Gamified experience both online and offline, and you get to test your growth by applying what you've learned to a real life MillionQuest to postively affect the lives of one million people."


What is the Time Commitment?

The whole adventure takes 7 months. There is support after the adventure in quarterly gatherings.

There are also 2 Mini Adventures to prepare you for a successful experience of MillionQuest Prime. Road to the Quest and Rise to the Quest

These preliminary adventures lay the foundations for a successful journey through MillionQuest™ Prime.


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Who is leading MillionQuest?

There are 7 Sages. All the sages are the ones who live in the mastery of the realm that he/she/they leads.

  • Michael Stratford, Sage Prime, Sage of Self, Owner/ Creator of MillionQuest™: 7 Realms of Self Mastery
  • Sage of Creation, 
  • Farcia De' Toles Sage of Vitality
  • Paul Jeong, Sage of Participation
  • Morgana Rae, Sage of Wealth
  • Adrianna Reid, Sage of Relationship
  • Sarah Wang, Sage of CoExistence

Do You Want To Experience A Quest Worth Playing?


Your MillionQuest is counting on You... 

Will you heed the call?

What You Will Experience During MillionQuest™

Overcome Challenges

Your Self-Mastery is not defined by having control over circumstances but by how you relate to them. You’ll get plenty of chances to grow this ability as you traverse the Danger zones of the 7 Realms. They are fraught with Perils, both external and internal.

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You Are  Not Alone

We believe that success is collective endeavor. As you face the challenge of the 7 Realms World, you will not journey alone. You will have your own Circle of 7 to help you uplevel. You also have the support of 7 Sages, one for each Realm, and the support of 7 Agents of Awareness.

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Encounter  Perils

You and your Circle of 7 will face a maze of challenges as you navigate the 7 Realms on your way to Self-Mastery. They may in the Perilous Landscape, or some Natural Disasters or in one of the other 7 categories of Perils that await you. But be sure…they will test and grow you.

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Train In 'Magical Arts'

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. MillionQuest will help you learn advanced technology of Being and Doing. Some are principles directly applied to one’s experience. Others are important concepts or skills that one must up level.

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Creatures & Adversaries

The world is filled with opposition. The 7 Realms experience gives the Adventurers practice with their Circle to strengthen themselves against those who would impede your  most delicious and ambitious ventures; those who would block your MillionQuest.

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Invoke Invisible Forces

These forces are always there. Like the wind, you don't see it but you do notice it's effects. Whether you see it or not. We can be aware of them and use their power well or be unaware and have them act on us. They are ‘potentials’ waiting to be employed on our behalf. Learn to activate them when needed.

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Self Mastery Lies Within

Join the quest of a lifetime to reveal and express your inherent Genius!