Sage Session: Creation Realm

You Have Entered the Realm of Creation

Welcome to the Realm of Creation. I’m glad you’re looking to enhance your Self Mastery in this Realm. There are 3 major areas of focus in the Creation realm. Here we will expand your practical mastery of bringing  your ideas from the ethereal to the material.

As the Sage of Creation, I offer a package of 3 Sessions called a ‘Creation Triad’ Token


Here’s how it works:

  • You get 3 sessions that MUST be used in 3 months. (can be used in less time if you choose)

  • You can schedule at your discretion within that time as long as our calendars fit.

  • At the end of 3 sessions (even if you use them in a shorter time than 3 months), you can

    *Create a new Token

     *Cease activities in the Creation Realm

     *Commune with a different Realm

It’s your choice


You can use the time within the Session in any one of 3 ways.


You can ask me to show up in the role of:

  • Coach – pure coaching wherein you seek out your own wisdom

  • Mentor – a mix of coaching and sharing of wisdom/ perspectives/ ideas.

  • Sage – using one of the 7 Spells of Power or other Magical Art.


You get to choose, in each session.


Sessions last from 45-55 minutes.

The price for the package of 3 is $1200. Per token.

Invoke the Sage by Pressing the Portal --->
**Note: By Invoking the Sage, you are entering the Dwelling of the Sage and therefore, you are assuming all responsibility for your interactions with the Sage.