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MillionQuest™: Imagination IQ

JUNE 26-29, 2023, SNOWBIRD, UTAH

Welcome Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Healers, Coaches, and Business Professionals who seek to UNLOCK the Quest

for Self Mastery & a Manifest On-Demand Lifestyle!

Give Us 3 Days and We Will Help You Release the #1 Self-Hindering Label That Holds You Back from Exploring Your Life Adventure the way it has Always been meant to be Experienced.

A full sensory, co-creative gathering; presided over by 7 Sages, who will guide you through Quests, Challenges and Perils, so you can effectively overcome the Demons, Snares and Traps that hold you back from your Self Mastery and a Manifest On-Demand Lifestyle.

Reserve Your Spot for $399 USD

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MillionQuest™ Sage Sessions

These are 1-1 sessions with a Sage of a specific Realm and therefore focused on that Realm. As you might expect, ALL the Realms overlap, however it’s useful to enter the Door of the Realm that is most important to you. Each Sage has their own format and/or package for length of sessions, method of delivery, and price. This link will get you to a page that can connect you directly to each one so that you can once again Choose Your Adventure that fits you. Good luck and … Choose Wisely


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