Invoke Invisible Forces 

In order for anything to be accomplished in the world, it’s beneficial to be aware of the forces that affect the outcomes of any endeavor. While there are visible forces such as action, there are many invisible forces that are ever-present in our experience of life.

These forces influence not only the quest but our experience of it as well. It’s to our advantage to learn how to effectively relate with each and every one, and to be able to ‘tap into them’ when the situation calls for it. There are currently 19 identified.

Here are just 3 of the Invisible Forces we present to you for deeper understanding.

Time – this is the acute sense of timing as well as how the context of time impacts the quest.

Momentum – this is the perpetuation of motion forward only impeded by friction. Things are in motion and can be slowed or sped up by adding or subtracting, increasing or decreasing friction. It can be the feeling of ongoing motion toward the outcome coming to meet us

Connectivity – the property of entanglement wherein everything affects everything. Nothing exists in a vacuum isolated from everything else. This is dissolving any attachment to the illusion of separateness and shifting to the consistent experience of oneness