Navigate through Perils

While traveling through the 7 Realms on your Quest for Self-Mastery, you will encounter features in the landscape just as you would in any natural world. The Dangerous Landscape contains trees, rivers, mountains, caves and other features of the normal world except each one of these presents a particular challenge for you and your circle.

There are also weather conditions. The Natural Disasters. They affect us and can overwhelm our best efforts if we’re not prepared to encounter them…much like having the right clothing for a Blizzard or the right equipment for a flood, these help us prepare for inner and outer struggles as we seek to Up Level our ability to encounter life effectively. Here are just 3 of the Perils that the Sages will help you navigate.

Canyon of Echoing Defeat – this is the experience of hearing the voices of every ‘battle’ one has ever lost. Whether it’s with oneself or others. It prizes noticing the defeats of others so that one can avoid feeling one’s own defeats. It also has the echoing voices impact one’s feelings about the possibilities of future success, constantly taunting us…”you’ve been beaten before, what makes you think this will be any different?”

River of Incompletions – this is the experience of things from the past that are unfinished. As we’re swimming along in the river our feet get caught in all these things that are incomplete. They are either holding us in place or dragging us under and drowning us. These can be tasks, relationships, projects, whatever that is still lingering, and keeping us from flowing forward in our lives.

Tsunami of Naysayers – the experience of being overwhelmed from giving those who obsess about negatives too much space in our vision of possibilities and desires; people who tell you “no, you can’t do it”. Over and over again, mostly because they themselves think they can’t, so therefore “you can’t”.