Train in ‘Magical Arts’

These are the counters to the Perils presented by the Self Mastery Adventure of the 7 Realms  They are ‘positive’ elements designed support your success. Some are directly applied to one’s experience. Others are important concepts that one must take into consideration, integrate and practice with, in order to successfully navigate the World of 7 Realms and the real life MillionQuest™.There are 7 Categories of Magical Arts: Mindsets of Self Mastery, Spells of Subtraction, Artful Powers, Invisible Forces, Auspicious Influences, Quest Agilities, Practical Magicks,  Here are just 3 of the many Arts that the Sages will teach you. 

Mindsets of Self-Mastery (11) – It is a fundamental awareness that ‘who you are makes a difference in what you do’. How we perceive the world and mindset we use to approach the challenges it presents makes a big difference in both the outcomes and our experience of life.

Invisible Forces (17) – These forces are always there. Like the sun, whether we see it or not. They have an everyday effect on our lives. We can be aware of them and their power and use that well or be unaware and have them act on us. They are ‘potentials’ waiting to be employed on our behalf.

Practical Magics (17) – These are the necessary elements that are to be mastered and then employed if one is going to get anything done. Without putting ideas, concepts and visions into action, they evaporate and become nothing. Like spells, these focal points of activity are activators of realization – making things real.