You Are  Not Alone

Many times, when someone goes for a ‘big adventure’ they feel like it’s all on their shoulders to accomplish. The 7 Realms Self-Mastery toward MillionQuest is a big adventure. It can feel daunting at times, even impossible to consider the scale of it for just one person.

We believe in supporting others to win. Throughout the experience you’ll have this group to play the game with, encounter challenges with, and grow/ support each other. It’s a community of like-minded adventurers all looking to excel on the personal level, while achieving a MillionQuest on the group level.

Your circle ā€“ these are the other adventurers, the whole adventure is comprised of 7 circles of 7. You will help them learn and grow and they will help you as well.

The Sages ā€“ these are the ones who will guide, share wisdom about their Realms and provide private Sage sessions to help you keep going and win. They will also present challenges designed to facilitate your Self MasteryĀ 

Agents of Awareness – this group will support your participation in the experience by bringing you challenges, and guiding you through the events.