Explore the Realm of Creation


Creation is  about that which you bring into the world to share with others ie. wisdom, counseling, services, presentations, products, content, etc. Creation embodies the heart of invention, innovation, and synthesis; also known as manifesting. Manifesting is not about imposing one's will on the universe. It is about perceiving and aligning with what is seeking to be born through the vehicle / vessal called 'you'. This is the realm of accessing and then expressing one’s imagination into concrete form. 

Key Factors to Learn in this Realm:

Creation of anything requires collaborative forces. The three main forces with which this realm will help you collaborate are:

  1. Your as yet UnRealized Ideas

  2. Other People's Participation

  3. Leveraging Harmonious Alignment with the Future 

An Obstacle You May Face in this Realm:

Chasm of Disconnection – this is the experience of being disconnected from truth. The truths that are disconnected from are: the recognition of what one is capable of, what one’s strengths and talents are, the moment one is in, the rest of the world, ownership and the valuing of self and ultimately the disconnection from Source.

Sage of the Realm:

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