Overcome Challenges

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of Perils to run into in the 7 Realms. Some are the Man-Made variety such as locations, some are the Artifacts of Pain that we use on ourselves and others and some are Curses…that have been spoken that create limitation. Here are just 3 of the Challenges you will face along the path of the MillionQuest.

Strait Jacket of Struggle – this is the experience of struggling against what is, and the more one struggles the tighter the jacket gets, until eventually it holds you prisoner of the struggle and immobile unable to act.

Maze of Why – this is the experience of trying to reduce the origin of an event to a single cause so that one can then focus their attention on remedying it so ‘it never happens again’. This is the misperception that there is a single cause for anything. We wander through this maze obsessively searching for this ‘single cause’. We will even ‘make one up and assign a ‘why’, when actually it may not be the cause.

The Curse of Unworthiness – “You’re not worthy…” This has multiple expression.  “You’re not worth my time, my love, my attention, and my energy. This curse is cast by someone who feels like they have the final say in what is valuable in the world, and in particular with you. This curse diminishes the sense of self-worth in an individual, enough so that it becomes one’s own self–curse. Then one spends the rest of their life trying to prove they are ‘worthy’ by doing more and more and more to create ‘evidence’ of their worth.