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With many Adventures that people take for personal or professional development, far too often they are simply ‘sold’ something, then they jump in filled with enthusiasm and then the reality of what they’re up against drains their energy and limits their success.

We believe that the success for people with MillionQuest™ 7 Realms of Self Mastery (aka MillionQuest™ Prime) is achieved by people being positioned well to join that full 7-month Adventure.

We’ve created two “Mini-Quests”, that you can read more about below, to help you prepare for MillionQuest™ Prime. Or you can sample to get more clarity about who you’re playing with and how you might be challenged for your personal evolution. This is much like the idea of planning to climb Mt. Everest and realizing that it may be a good idea to try out a bit of ice climbing first, to see if you like it and if you can improve your climbing skills.


You may feel ready to move straight into the Application Process...

This option will begin the process for you and us to determine optimum Fit. Self Mastery in the confines of MillionQuest, works best when there is an alignment of principles and vision between all parties embarking upon the quest.

If you feel you are equipped to engage this Life-Changing Adventure, please initiate your Application Process now...

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Road to the Quest

Join Road to the Quest

This interactive experience, involves 7 sessions of engagement between Sages and Adventurers. We   focus on 1 Peril or 1 Magical Art per session. In true “choose your adventure” fashion, you get to choose the Realm(s) where you want to apply the challenge of the Peril or the wisdom of the Magical Art. You can choose 1, several or even the whole lot, it’s up to you.

Since MillionQuest™ is both an individual experience and a collective endeavor, you will work both by yourself and with others to face the challenges and learn the arts.

Here are some details:

  • One session per week.
  • Each session will be 90 minutes.
  • The focus will be either a Peril or a Magical Art – Only one focus for each session.
  • You will decide which of the 7 Realms you want to use the focus for.
  • There will be group work and interaction with the Sage.
  • There will be no recording
  • Sessions are held on Fridays at 11AM – 12:30PM Pacific time beginning Oct. 7, 2022.

Here’s how it works:

  • Road to the Quest is an ongoing journey. This means you can join at any time in the series for 7 sessions in a row. If you skip one there’s no make-up.
  • Join when you wish, but be committed to being there for all 7 of your sessions.
  • Just like joining an ongoing Quest, you will engage with where the Band of Adventurers is along the Road. For example, you might join in week 3 of the journey, in which case your sessions would go from week 3 to week 9. This may mean you have missed an earlier Peril (which could be good luck) or missed a particular Magical Art (which could be bad luck) depending on when you join.
  • None of the Perils or Magical Arts will be repeated no matter when you join. So, there’s no duplication of your experience. There’s only the fresh discovery and encounter
  • IF you feel you’re enjoying the journey then by all means ‘re-up’ and continue for another 7.

The Road is long and proceeds right up to the month before MillionQuest™ Prime which is May 2023.

What will you learn? – who can tell? That will be up to you and how much you embrace the opportunities the Perils, Magical Arts and Mini-Quests present.

Join Road to the Quest

Rise to the Quest

Join Rise to the Quest

Rise to the Quest – this is the second of the two interactive experiences designed to prepare Questers to more successfully play the MillionQuest™ Prime Adventure. This one is a step up in challenge. It addresses 3 of the more significant elements that affect participation in ANY Quest or project.

This Mini-Quest involves 12 sessions over 3 months. Each month there is a single particular focus we dive deeply into in order to support you in your ‘up leveling’.

The 3 topics we focus on are:

  • Time – your relationship to it, to the sense of ‘timing’ and your ability to use this phenomenon well.
  • Space – this is about the space in your life on a number of levels; physical, emotional, financial, relational. Without space things get crunched and push us into more reactive than responsive states.
  • Commitment – this is about being able to follow through, but equally important is being able to ‘give your word’ well. It’s about facing the Challenges that undermine our innate capacity of perseverance.

Up leveling one’s Self-Mastery with respect to these 3 concepts gives the Adventurer the enhanced ability to be more successful with anything you participate with, whether you engage in the full MillionQuest™ Prime or not.

Here are the details:

  • One session per week.
  • Each session will be 90 minutes.
  • The focus will be on Time for 4 weeks, Space for 4 weeks then Commitment for 4 weeks.
  • You may also encounter a Peril or a Magical Art as a natural element affect any of the 3.
  • You will decide which of the 7 Realms you want to use the focus for or not at all.
  • There will be group work and interaction with the Sage.
  • There will be no recording
  • Sessions are held on Fridays at 1PM – 2:30PM Pacific time beginning Jan. 20, 2023.

We hope to see you on the journey!

Join Rise to the Quest