Explore the Realm of Participation

This Realm is about what you distribute and contribute into the world. Whether it’s your products or services, whether it’s your voice, your energy or simply the Presence of you, it’s all about how we Participate.

This is about the ‘you’ that shows up when you seek to engage with the world, whether that is other people or the flora and fauna the exist all around us. We are participating with all of it whether we want to acknowledge that or not.

Key things to learn in this Realm: 


It is also about the mechanisms whereby we participate. This can be meetings/ presentations/ events, or it can be about the more mechanical/ electronic methods. Being up to date with how things are being effectively communicated to others you want to participate with is a strong facet of this Realm. For example: We are no longer using carrier pigeons to reach people.

The Adventure through this Realm is one of constant adjustment, connection and communication as you navigate through and unpredictable, ever changing world.

Obstacles to watch out for: 

Self-Mastery in the Realm of Participation signals a knowing, sensing and skill set with how to genuinely reach others in ways that has them want to ‘play’ in the sandbox you’re offering. It is also the ability to show up in a way that has you discern who is right to invite in and who is not, and to honor that not everyone is meant for your sandbox.

Sage of the Realm: Dr. Paul Jeong

Dr. Paul Jeong introduced professional Coaching in Korea for the first time and start the coaching movement and influence the China Coaching industry in 1999 according to Dr. Vikki Brock’s coaching history book.  Dr. Jeong has been dedicated to developing leaders in Asia and has coached more than 40,000 executives of organizations.  He has provided executive coaching and coach training services for many Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, HP, GM, Ericsson, Citibank, Air Liquide, ING, Bayer, LG, Samsung, Tesco, Tencent, Hyundai, IBM, GS Holdings, SK Communications, and others.

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