Explore the Realm of Relationship


About Decoding Freedom

  • We as adventurers have a strong desire to participate in healthy relationships. We are wired for love.
  • Healthy Relationships are easy, the hardest part is to always want something different based on our misconceptions around the meaning of the word love.
  • Decoding Freedom will help you find and decode your unconscious limiting beliefs, contracts, and agreements around relationships; process the habits that surround your ability to relate and reprogram and redefine new meanings and intentions.

Key things to learn in this Realm

Obstacles to watch out for

The Adventure in this Realm is often fraught with Uncertainty. Being masterful at navigating uncertainty is beneficial when engaging with this realm.

Self-Mastery in this Realm supports us with clarity.  It’s valuable for us to be able to be clean and clear about what fits us, so that we can ‘Choose Wisely’ whom to let in, and how far and about what.

Sage of the Realm: Adriana Reid

Her advice is always directed toward finding an effective resolution to problems and/or challenges and turning them into opportunities, regardless of the circumstance. Her mission is to walk people through the wonder of new possibilities, by helping them discover and solve their inner fears by becoming responsible for their actions and deeds despite any circumstance -their background, nationality, and/ or invisible wounds.

Meet the Sages