Explore the Realm of Vitality


This is about your ‘essence’, the unique beingness of you, how you’re built, how you operate, your traits, your sense of self, and your evolution. And it goes deeper than that. It also focuses on what you are not, but may think you are…your behavior, your thoughts, your emotions, the roles you play, the titles you take and the labels you use to define and then defend yourself.


When we think we are all of those things, they have a power over us. When or if they are challenged, we take it personally. The Realm of Self, helps you get back to the experience of your elemental nature, as if you were an element on the periodic table, with distinct properties. It helps you regain the sense of what fits you, instead of you seeking where you fit.

Key things to learn in this Realm: 


The Realm of Self also recognizes that there is only 1 of you. Over the entire course of history, over the entire globe, only 1 has been created. It is the single thing you can have that no one else can. The Presence of You. It’s irreplaceable.

While the skills you have mastered, the information you have acquired, your ‘experience’ can be replicated by others; you, yourself, the energetic presence of your Being is irreplaceable.

Living from this recognition can free you from being a prisoner to personal hungers such as needing to prove your worth or value, needing to feel special/ be liked/ or be impressive. And especially, needing to be accepted.

Obstacles to watch out for: 

The Adventure in the Realm of Self is not always easy but is always beneficial. It challenges us to live in the distinction between uniqueness and being special. Uniqueness can never be taken away from you but the feeling of being special comes and goes depending on circumstance.

Self-Mastery in this Realm helps you eliminate many of the causes of friction that slow you down or impede you. Instead of trying to be ‘someone else’, you get to be you and see what fits that.

Sage of the Realm: Farcia De’Toles 

Within the work that Farcia De’Toles presents, she consciously incorporates multiple elements of the vision which guides her work. Her aim is to make the joy of movement within one's body accessible to all people, moving past age, experience, health status and body type. She equips her clients with tools which empower them to continue the experience of her work in their daily lives.  Through her work, Farcia celebrates and honors not only the body, but also the mind, soul and community which we exist in. Her objective is to not only shape and align the body but to help her clients find peace and harmony within. Healthy attitudes toward self become healthy interactions in community...natural rhythm.  

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