Explore the Realm of Vitality


This is about your ‘life force, and essence’, the energetic expression of you in both physical and non-physical form. This is about your health and wellness, but moves beyond that to what radiates from you when you're in an optimal of being. This is where you engage deeply with what nurtures you while subtracting and healing what does not. 

Besides the simple elements of physicality, such as one's nutrition, flexibility and movement practices, it also engages with your emotions and their connections to your body. This is what supports the life force expressing itself through you and you having the full set of options for what you can interact with in life without them being limited or causing you stress.

Key things to learn in this Realm: 


The Realm of Vitality like the Realm of Self, recognizes that you are a singular ecosystem. There are things that support this ecosystem and things that diminish it. Your Presence is a function of how well you care for You. So it's important to identify and act in harmony with what fits and feeds you well. 

Only when we are in true alignment with our personal ecosystem can we consistently call on it to engage with the world in ways that contribute fully to it while not depleting our system resources. 

Living from this recognition can free you from feeling like you must be like 'all the other plants' in order to thrive and instead seeking what will make the plant called 'you' blossom into its full beauty

Obstacles to watch out for: 

The Adventure in the Realm of Vitality is not always easy but is always beneficial. It is constantly being pulled either by external forces wanting us to eat, drink, live, move in certain ways as well as internal forces of long held unhealthy habits or emotions 'driving the bus' of our behaviors.

Since the world wants to shape us in its image, in order to sell products for this and that, this realm challenges us to live from a connection to the energy of life, in harmony with its cycles and respectful of the life force we have been given in the form we have received. We are the caretakers and stewards of our Vitality. 

Self-Mastery in this Realm helps you eliminate many of the unfed or ill fed hungers that drive us to behaviors that do not contribute to our well-being 

Sage of the Realm: Farcia De’Toles 

Within the work that Farcia De’Toles presents, she consciously incorporates multiple elements of the vision which guides her work. Her aim is to make the joy of movement within one's body accessible to all people, moving past age, experience, health status and body type. She equips her clients with tools which empower them to continue the experience of her work in their daily lives.  Through her work, Farcia celebrates and honors not only the body, but also the mind, soul and community which we exist in. Her objective is to not only shape and align the body but to help her clients find peace and harmony within. Healthy attitudes toward self become healthy interactions in community...natural rhythm.  

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