Explore the Realm of Wealth


This is about the art and science of making it, having it, sharing it, giving it away and especially your relationship with it. Money is currently used as an expression of value, an exchange of value for value.

In the beginning that exchange was one object for another in support of life, in support of health, relationship. Later, that exchange no longer became about supporting those things as much as it was a means to measure oneself and one’s ‘worth.

It is often one of the many ways in which people ‘measure’ their power. Because it is tangible it is much easier to see the ‘growth’ of this by how much one has accumulated or can access. Some people use it to compare themselves with others and often find themselves ‘lacking’.

Key things to learn in this Realm

The Realm of Wealth, is about so much more. We don’t mean just ‘more money’. We mean the life experience of feeling ‘wealthy’, rich in one’s experience of life.

Wealth is one of the items people set goals for while missing that what they are truly after is the essence of an experience that Wealth will bring them. People often arbitrarily establish a money target, and pursue the number. They don’t often, however, ask what it is they think the Wealth will give them or cost them to get.

When questioned, often they discover it’s often about choice, or the ability to express love, or to ‘not work’ at something they don’t want to work at. Wealth is merely a vehicle, a form, used to get the essence of an experience that is underneath their true desire.

Obstacles to watch out for

The Adventure in this Realm is about having a healthy, supportive relationship with what Wealth can bring you and what can happen as you wield it, not from fear but from love.

Self- Mastery in working with the Realm of Wealth contributes to the underneath experience people truly want. It is a key component in the expression of Contribution in the world.

Sage of the Realm: Morgana Rae

A pioneer in personal development for 28 years,   Morgana has guided tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators, healers and humanitarians to heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money… to save the world as only they can.

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